Wildflower meadows and butterflies

Wildflower Meadows and Butterflies

Barry Holman Gardens are experts in creating stunning wildflower meadows for any size garden.

Wildflower Meadows are at the heart of gardening. If you have lots of grass and don’t enjoy the constant mowing, a wild flower meadow is the answer. It’s easy to install, provides a riot of colour for the best part of the year and creates a wonderful habitat for bees, butterflies and insects. I like to use British native plants where possible to give a natural look and use annuals or perennials plants from seed, wildflower earth or wildflower turf to build up the insect population. This means you’ll have less problems with pests and disease in the garden by working alongside nature. You’ll help to increase the numbers of butterflies in Britain – which has fallen by about 70% in the last 30 years.

You do not need a big garden to create a meadow, just a small area will encourage a diversity of wildlife and beautiful natural flora.


We are accredited installers of Wildflower Turf Ltd.

Once you have a meadow you’ll never look back.


Photography: Keith Holman